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5 Pop Best Albums Of The 80s


The eighties saw the rise of one of the best vocalists of all time, miss Whitney Houston. Her eponymous album catapulted her stardom and she never landed back to the ordinary fame. Even today, you can hardly go to karaoke bar without hearing someone sing the glorious anthem I Wanna Dance With Somebody which brought Whitney not only a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance but also the eternal fame. Personal favorites also include frenetic So Emotional and a ballad Where Do All The Broken Hearts Go. Interestingly enough, Whitney was the first album ever by a female to top the Billboard Album Chart. Solely based on this fact, the album secured this spot here.


Raw passion, candid lyrics and one of the most idiosyncratic vocals in the history of pop music are definitely making Kate Bush’s fifth studio album Hounds Of Love deserving of the place on this list. Back in the day, her first single ever Wuthering Heights was an instant no 1 hit despite its groundbreaking experimental sound, so it came as no surprise when epic, emotionally-charged tunes off Hounds Of Love such as Running Up That Hill (which is arguably Bush’s most popular song) and Cloudbusting ruled the charts all over the world. The album captured the zeitgeist of the 80s and it still tells us how dramatic and romantic this decade was.


1984 was the name of incredible dystopian novel by George Orwell’ but also a year when the queen of pop arrived. Madonna’s debut album Like a Virgin with the same titled single immediately caught the world’s attention. This revolutionary pop artist, chameleon and fashion icon found her spot on the music scene right away with phenomenal pop numbers such as iconic Material Girl, corky dance anthem Dress You Up and ballad Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. When you think of the 80s, Madonna’s hairstyle is one of the first things that come to mind, so how could I possibly exclude her from the lost of best pop albums of this decade.


Purple Rain is ranked as one of the best albums in music history, which comes as a bit of a surprise considering that it is a soundtrack. In fact, it is the third best selling soundtrack ever. Facts aside, no one can deny the pop power of When Doves Cry and Let’s Go Crazy. The title track marked the decade in a way only few other songs did, but the album holds some hidden gems such as Baby I’m A Star and Darling Nikki that are totally worth your listen. Prince is and forever will be a legend for a reason.


Thriller is such a massive album, it transcends any genre. It is timeless. It spawned so many numerous superhits and sold so many copies, it is hard to believe it does not have its own planet. Billie Jean is one of those tracks you can hear everyday on the radio even today. The same can be said about Beat It. The video for Thriller might be the first music video ever that put the same accent on the visuals as it did on the music, a trend still prominent today. Wanna Be Startin Somethin’ is one of the most sampled tracks, while The Girl Is Mine sounds like it gave birth to plethora of r’n’b songs of the 2000s. Maybe it did. But one thing is for sure, Thriller gave birth to the best pop music.